Voltec Engineering & Surveying have done a number of projects. Beside the provision of engineering surveys our company is perhaps the most experienced and popular surveying company in the country for volumetric surveys. We have been providing this service for over 15 years. Aside from stockpile surveys, we were also the main player in large topographic earthwork projects. One major project was at the LABIDCO Union Estate where this service was provided for over two years to both NAMALCO and Jagmohan & Sons and consisted of over 14 million cubic metres of earthwork. A project of this magnitude required substantial project management skill and expertise.

The company has made tremendous impacts in both the topographic & cadastral field. On recommendations, the company has serviced international consultants such as AECOM and MAAK. AECOM's work centered around a wastewater management study spreading from Pointe a Pierre to Debe and as far east as St. Madeline. This involved the topographic surveying of all roadways & drains where no sewer service existed. Due to the extent of the area, strong rigorous control was established in order to satisfy the required accuracy of the project. This project was completed to the full satisfaction of the client. Likewise, MAAK Technologies of Canada undertook a study to develop pipe borne water to southern areas including Bronte, St. Charles, Ste. Madeline, Barrackpore and environs. This again required detail surveys of possible routes and along roadways.

We have completed large and small scale cadastral surveys for National Quarries Limited (2100 acres), Readymix (W.I.) Limited (100A+ 50A), Trinidad Regiment (500Acres), EMBD (1000A, 500A, 750A and 100A). These are just a few of our cadastral achievements.

VOLTEC has also secured two of the latest surveys for the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC). The Fyzabad to Otahitie Power corridor has been completed and delivered to the satisfaction of the client. We have also embarked on the second power corridor, which runs from Bamboo to San Rafael along the East-West Corridor, a distance of 17km.

We also worked as the primary consultant on a Land Use Planning project with the Land Settlement Agency as a part of their Neighbourhood Upgrading Programme. This project included changing land use, enhancing layouts, improving social and physical infrastructure, etc. Our presentation and report has been accepted and we are currently preparing the final plan, which is the sub-division plan.

To successfully complete this project the site and its environs was studied from several interrelated perspectives such as: Spatial Context, Transportation Networks, Topography and Drainage, Social Infrastructure, Security and Safety and Major Trunk Infrastructure. Emphasis was placed on sustainable development of the physical assets and versatility of the design for future upgrades.