Voltec operates within the law as governed by the OSH Act and we are in the process of becoming STOW certified. All employees and contractors of Voltec must work safely and follow the guidelines as outlined in its HSE Manual.

Throughout the years, we have only incurred one Lost Time Incident and ZERO FATALITIES. In the field, employees are exposed to many hazards. Appropriate PPE and above all, a keen mind and eye for hazard identification neutralization of hazards are all a part of a Voltec employee's "equipment". We have fostered a mindset that makes it second nature to look out for one another and the only "high" we grow accustomed to, is that of teamwork. The vast majority of our staff is PLEA Trained and Certified, even our administrative staff.

Our office is home to three large format plotters, one 42" and two 24". Our system is fully automated from field to finish. The equipment is calibrated regularly, at least once a year and is frequently checked by our staff. We are in talks with a US firm to setup calibration services through our offices. This new venture is imminent and should take place within the next three months.

Four pickup trucks are also a part of the company's pool of vehicles. All vehicles are under three years old.